Call for an audit of Obama’s Campaign Finances


President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to go back on his commitment to campaign with public financing was his decision to SELL OUT! Private funding is not audited by the FEC unless there is “cause”, while audits are mandatory for public financing.

Obama spent a record $741 million on his campaign but has disclosed donors for only $485 million of his windfall. Many of those donors are subject to questions about exceeding campaign donation limits and being legitimate donors. His campaign spent $309 million on Broadcast Media (versus $63 million by the McCain Campaign) while groups like ACORN received funding and abused voter registration processes. Obama further refuses to disclose information about his own citizenship, employment, health and education as the American Public tries to figure out, “What the heck is going on, here?”

In addition to the $255 million with undisclosed donors, studies of the reports filed with the FEC, by the Obama Campaign, through the Post-General Report, show the following irregularities in their submissions:
• $2 million — Approximately, in contributions over the $4,600 limit
• $26 million — Contributions over the $2,300 per campaign limit, reallocated without contributor affirmation.
• $4-6 million — Contributors with Foreign Addresses (over 4,000 contributors)

A total of over 2.5 million donor transactions were submitted to the FEC, with some donors having hundreds of transactions. Many records showed errors on city, state and zip code information and a single donor could have several name variations. Some of the records were flagrant trash like JFGGJJFGJ, JGTJ and KHV, KHV and HKVKV, K VKN K V and HDUSAHFD, DAHSUDHU. Numerous donors had a single letter given for their last name. Others were listed as Anonymous. Our personal favorite was the contributor Doodad Pro, whose occupation was “Loving” and employer was “You”. The records show 1565 transactions for him, with a net contribution of $305.

Should the highest office of the leader of the free world be for sale?

Who owns Obama?

Call for an Audit of the Obama Campaign Finances.


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